Ian Amsden -photographer

Photos by Ian Amsden

Hi and thank-you for visiting my site! I am a part time photographer based in Geelong, which is a regional coastal city in South Eastern Australia (state of Victoria). As you can see, I am interested in capturing coastal images and landscapes that feature interesting light whether it be dawn, dusk or in the middle of the night.

The images are for sale as prints if would like one to keep and I use a world class local fine art printer to produce them. All images are copyrighted and I reserve all rights to these. Having said that, I have participated in a collaboration with a local musician Jim Kane to feature my photos alongside his song “Shelf Life” which you can find on Sound Cloud if interested. I am open to creative ventures / collaborations as these are a lot of fun and add to the spice of life.

Again, thanks for visiting and come back again as I will be consistently improving this site and adding new images. Cheers,